D-Link has announced a new product that attempts to bring a little excitement to the world of network routers with the launch of the DIR-685. D-Link dares to call the router "stylish, even chic".

The router has all the features of a 802.11n Wi-Fi router combined with Network Attached Storage, USB SharePort technology for sharing printers and scanners - and - a 3.2-inch LCD monitor for displaying photos, streamed video, weather forecasts, desktop applications and network performance.

The NAS feature supports both UPnP server functions and BitTorrent downloads while a built-in FTP server allows users to access media through the home network or remotely over the Internet.

In addition, there are eco claims for the new device, with D-Link's "Green" tech that adjusts power according to use and has an idle mode to kill the LCD screen.

The content for the LCD screen is powered by FrameChannel, a free web service used in digi-frames, that allows users to customise content displayed on the screen.

The DIR-685 is available now exclusively on Play.com for £194.99.