Breville has announced the launch of a new toaster oven that promises to toast your bread, bagel, pizza or anything else for that matter perfectly every time.

Called the Smart Oven, when it comes to toasting your bread, the oven will go as far as asking you how dark you want it and how many slices you are cooking.

From there it will then go about cooking the perfect toast every time and even automatically work out whether it's the first, second or third batch and the change the temperature of the oven accordingly.

But it's not just about toasting, says Breville, the bagel function for example will cook the tops different from the bottoms, while the pizza setting (it takes pizzas up to 13-inches) will make sure the base is crisp but the cheese doesn't burn, thanks to a number of heaters both top and bottom.

It will cost $249.99 in the US with the promise of a possible UK launch.