Brits like a good cup of tea, but as tea aficionados only know too well, heating the water to the wrong temperature can mean the difference between a good and bad cuppa.

In steps Breville (yes the sandwich maker) with a new cordless kettle that promises to solve all that with multiple heating settings based on the cup of tea you are about to drink.

The Variable Temperature Kettle, as it is called, has just launched in the US and will be heading to the UK later in the year.

Rather than just let you boil the water, the brushed metal kettle will come with five heat settings that allow you to boil the perfect cup of green tea, white tea, dolong, French press, and black tea (English breakfast to you and me) as well as keep the water temperature at that temperature so you can grab a second cup without having to wait.

"In our research we found that a lot of people have a second cup", a spokesperson told us.

The Variable Temperature Kettle costs $149.99. The company has not yet set a price for the UK.

We will keep you posted.