Electrolux has dreamt up the table "that does it all": "Acts as a kitchen, living room, recharges your phone/iPod/laptop, you can cook on it, eat off it, store your food under it, and its 'virtual chef' will even tell you how to cook".

The Electrolux "Rendez-vous" concept is described as the first interactive table that combines the living, eating, and entertaining space.

The top of the table offers wireless device charging as well as being an inductive cooking surface that uses sensor technology for your pots and pans (let's hope it doesn't get confused and cook your laptop while charging your noodles).

Beneath the table are modular drawers that can hold a stove, refrigerator or "almost any kitchen appliance that the consumer needs".

From Electrolux's Design Centre Hub, the Rendez-vous has been designed "to meet future trends that Electrolux has identified and analysed" but there's no word of a release as yet.