Electrolux is hoping to help you remove unwanted smells with a new device that promises to literately clean the air in your home, the company has announced on Tuesday.

The new Oxygen air cleaner will, over the course of an hour, refresh the air in a large room making it void of smells.

The result means you'll be able to rid your house of that fresh curry, chicken stock or wet dog without having to resort to Febreze.

Coming complete with an odour sensor, the device's electronic nose will automatically increase airflow when it detects certain smells like solvents, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and other hazardous gases. An indicator displays the amount of contaminant triggering the sensor, adjusting the fan speed accordingly.

Supposedly already hugely popular in the US and Japan, Electrolux is hoping athletes, or those living in smelly areas will be keen to pay £199 to take a breath of fresh air.