Electrolux has launched what it claims is the greenest vacuum cleaner in the world on Tuesday, in an attempt to appeal to eco fans who want a clean house.

The new Electrolux Ultra Silencer is made with 55% recycled plastic and promises to use 33% less energy than a standard cleaner.

The plastic comes from recycled car parts such as bumpers and batteries and, says Electrolux:

"If all 20 million vacuum cleaners sold annually in Europe were built in the same way, we could save up to 251,000 barrels of oil and 1.6 million cubic metres of water", says Elizabeth Farmer, Electrolux's marketing manager.

But if the cleaners green credentials aren't enough to sway you, the company is hoping the claim that it's the quietest vacuum cleaner on the market will.

The bagged (yes they are made of recycled material we are told) cleaner runs at 71dB compared to the average, which is 78dB.

Other specs include a 9 metre cord with auto-reverse cord re-winder, a telescopic tube, multi-function upholstery nozzle, and a HEPA H12 exhaust filter.

The cost of going green? £159.99 from April.