Cisco has launched a "renewed" line-up of Linksys by Cisco Powerline adapters.

The devices are designed to allow consumers to extend their existing wired or wireless network throughout the home via the existing electrical wiring.

With these Powerline adapters, any wall socket can be transformed into a network connection to connect devices such as game consoles, TVs or computers to the home network.

Cisco says the new space saving design makes the adapters easy to use and won't block other outlets.

The products will be available in two different versions: Turbo and AV.

Built to the HomePlug Turbo standard, Powerline Turbo products are designed for traffic such as internet browsing or sending and receiving email or to connect a printer to the network for example.

The faster Powerline AV products are built to the HomePlug AV standard, and are optimised for applications that require more bandwidth such as high-definition video streaming or gaming.

Next to the standard adapter with one network connection there will be an adapter with integrated four port switch made available in both Turbo and AV specification.

The Powerline range will be available with components priced from £49.99.