Linksys is launching its first simultaneous Dual-N Band router for the UK market.

This device is claimed to offer a better experience for multimedia users as it delivers "true Wireless-N performance in both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands".

"There are products on the market that are framed as Dual-Band that allow access to only one band at a time or lose transmission speeds when both bands are in use", said Mani Dhillon, director, Linksys Consumer Business Organisation.

"The WRT610N is designed to support simultaneous, separate Wireless-N radio bands. As we foresee consumers starting to use the 5GHz spectrum for their multimedia devices, it becomes more important to have access to the full capabilities of both bands."

This means better quality audio and video if you are streaming content around your home.

But it is also claimed to be easy to use as the network performance is fine-tuned to give priority to media such as HD video without the user having to manually configuration their system.

And you also get a flash video-based guided installation for PCs and Macs with the device.

In addition, the WRT610N features a button that enables consumers to add additional devices to their network by simply pushing it and the corresponding button on the other certified product, explains Linksys.

The WRT610N works with any DSL or cable broadband connection.

It is available now for £149.99.