D-Link has gone green - updating two of its Wi-Fi routers to use less energy and therefore cut down your carbon footprint.

Both the DIR-655 and the more recently launched DIR-855 now have Green Ethernet technology.

This firmware upgrade is available for free and is said to deliver up to 40% power savings thereby helping reduce the home electricity bill.

This energy-saving technology automatically detects connectivity status and cable length, and then adjusts power accordingly.

The routers also feature Wi-Fi scheduling that allows users to easily program when the Wi-Fi radio signals are turned on and off to further save energy consumption.

Under the most favourable conditions, with no wired links active and Wi-Fi turned off, users may achieve up to 32% power savings with the DIR-655, up to 41% for the DIR-855.

D-Link is offering a free firmware upgrade at www.dlink.co.uk/support for customers who bought either of these routers before the current Green firmware release.