Over half of us surfing the Internet in the UK now have wireless home networking.

Linksys, which is a division of Cisco, has revealed the results of a YouGov survey about the state of wireless home networking in the UK.

It states that 59% of broadband subscribers now have a wireless network.

But there is the potential for more to go wireless with 96% of the respondents surveyed reporting that they have a PC/laptop at home, 69% a digital music player, 57% a DVR/PVR or hard disk recorder, 53% a games console and 15% a digital photoframe.

87% of respondents with a wireless network and a PC/laptop have attached their PC/laptops to their wireless networks, 28% have attached their printers, 20% attached their games console, 6% connected their digital music player

"The research shows that wireless networking is now a mass market technology – and not only for the tech savvy consumer", said Chris Dobrec, director, Linksys Strategy and Business Development.