In Germany, Electrolux is launching the Inspiro oven that uses such clever tech-ery, you'd struggle to cook something wrong. Using a heat management technique the Inspiro's sensors first analyse what is to be cooked before calculating the temperature and time needed.

The company likens it to the way cameras automatically set aperture, exposure time and focus, depending on the light and what's in the frame.

To cook a joint of meat, you simply select "roast" on the oven's dial, before selecting whether you want it rare, medium or well-done - the Inspiro will even tell you whether to put it on its top, middle or bottom shelf.

The oven then calculates the energy consumption and time needed - and - thanks to its database of professional cooking techniques, calculates what combination of heating methods is necessary, so whether the heat needs to come from the top, bottom, side, whether it needs to use its fan or the grill.

No info on a UK launch just yet.