Linksys has announced the launch of the Linksys EasyLink Advisor (LELA) software with the claim that is offers an "easy and fun" approach to setting up and controlling home networks and devices connected to them.

Claiming to simplify the process of setting up home
networking devices, and helping to ensure that all devices and connections are safe and secure, LELA also features advanced technical support capabilities - with Direct Connect Support the consumer can give a support representative remote control over the application to help resolve questions.

Linksys EasyLink Advisor helps to set up a router with a series of simple questions, automatically checks the network for alerts about updates that are available for the router, and helps to configure connected devices and computers.

When Linksys EasyLink Advisor is installed on a PC connected to your network, a visual overview or network map of all the devices connected to your network is created that provides an easy way to view the status of the network.

When a new device is connected, LELA will automatically discover the device and add it to the network map. Advanced users who like to more detailed setting for their network and compatible devices can launch an HTML-based configuration tool from within the EasyLink Advisor interface.

There are also wizards for troubleshooting and helping to repair any connectivity issues the user may notice. If the user still cannot get it to work - the user can click on "Direct Connect Support" and a support representative can help solve the problem remotely.

The Linksys EasyLink Advisor Setup Wizard will be first shipped with the WRT160N and WAG160N. Linksys will also supply LELA with other routers and networking devices over the coming months.