Linksys has announced the launch of a new Home Server that allows users to store, organise and access their data from one central location that is always available around the home at IFA 2007 in Berlin, Germany.

The new product called the NAS200 is also equipped with a media server that can stream music and HD video files over the network and enables consumers to share digital photos and videos with relatives over the internet.

"Imagine that a lot of users now have their documents, photos, videos and music stored on different PCs and all kinds of storage media like MP3 players, USB hard drives and memory cards. These devices are most of the time located in different rooms and not always connected to each other", said Tunji Akintokun, UK and Ireland Country Manager, Linksys. "With the NAS200, we provide the opportunity to organise content in one central location, also when you are not at home. It helps managing and organising your always growing content collection, and to easily backup irreplaceable personal memories like digital photos."

The media server is based on the UPnP AV protocol, which enables discovery and control between devices on a network, independent of operating system, programming language or network connections, however will not operate the about to be launched Widows Home Server operating system from Microsoft.

The Linksys NAS200 is expected to be available in September priced at £99.00 however does not like the yet to be launched HP alternative include a hard drive.