D-Link has introduced the DHP-301 PowerLine HD, a fast 200Mbps Ethernet Starter Kit.

PowerLine see D-Link getting in on the through-your-existing-electrical-wiring act as the adapters take advantage of active wall sockets to transfer traffic.

This means you can extend your network simply by tapping into your existing wiring making it ideal for homes or small offices where concrete walls, floors in multi-storied buildings, or other "architectural impediments" create a wireless black-spot.

Connecting to your home network simply requires plugging one adapter to a router and the other to an Ethernet-ready device such as a personal computer, high-def TV, digital video recorder, game console, print server or digital media player.

Delivering data transfer rates of up to 200Mbps, the PowerLine transmits data reliably by intelligently adapting to the strongest signal channels.

It doesn’t mess with your electrical currents because electricity and data are transmitted at different frequencies.

The PowerLine includes a built-in "Quality-of-Service" engine that prioritises data packets in order to enhance HD video and audio streaming, online gaming and VoIP calling and provides 3DES encryption for securing the connection.

The DHP-301 PowerLine HD Ethernet Starter Kit is available now for £129.99.