Linksys has announced that is it to offer a new range of PowerLine devices that allow you to share your internet connection around the house via your electrical circuit.

A first for the company, that until now has concentrated on offering wireless connectivity options the new HomePlug AV range will start with the Linksys PowerLine AV Ethernet Kit (PLK200), which includes two PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter (PLE200) units and allow data throughput speeds up to 100Mbps around their home.

Like systems already available from Netgear and Devolo, one adapter connects into a broadband wired or wireless router via the LAN port on the router, while the second is plugged into a computer. The connection is then transmitted over the power line.

The company are claiming that up to 16 other computers or devices on a network utilising a PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter can access the Internet connection or each other.

Although much slower than competiting products on the market, Linksys used the launch to criticise other PowerLine manufactures citing that "Most existing proprietary solutions only work with same-vendor branded solutions and are not backward compatible with the industry standard HomePlug solutions".

The PowerLine AV Ethernet Adapter Kit (PLK200) and single Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter (PLE200) are scheduled to be available towards the end of April.