A lunchbox that keeps your food at its optimum temperature, and a healthy, oil-free cooker are just a couple of the prototypes designed by the winners of the fourth annual Electrolux Design Lab.

Design students were challenged to come up with solutions for healthy eating habits for 2016, and the results were interesting to say the least.

Winner Metin Kaplan developed the Nevale, which is a food carrier designed in layers offering the chance to store up to four different hot and/or cold meals, with a display on the top giving information on the storage conditions.

The second prize went to the Organic Cook, which offers oil-free frying, grilling, and boiling using infrared technology.

Third was Vessto, a sleekly-designed red portable cooker that uses renewable energy to power itself. It uses heat from the stove to expand and contract gas inside the appliance, which then powers it. It offers a small touch-sensitive screen as well as a display for displaying recipes or other information.

Other devices that were designed include the HydroSphere, an elegant glass sphere that grows veggies and herbs in the kitchen, and is solar powered; and the SpiceHood, a cooker hood that stores herbs and spices and keeps them in optimum conditions.