For small business owners worried about what goes on in their offices while they're away, Linksys has the perfect solution: the Wireless-G Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Internet Camera with Audio.

The camera can send live video and audio through the internet wireless without the need for a PC, thanks to its unique IP address.

The WVC200 comes equipped with a LCD screen on the front of the camera to display its IP address so that multiple cameras can be easily managed.

Through the included software, up to nine cameras can be managed and operated remotely, as they pan, tilt and zoom 2x digitally.

Recording can be automated by a motion trigger or by a schedule, and the camera can even alert users via text and email when it detects movement at specified times, making it the ideal tool for after-hours snooping.

The WVC200 will be on sale in July for around £240.