Linksys has announced a new wireless internet enabled webcam with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities.

The new Linksys Wireless-G Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Internet Camera with Audio (WVC200) can send live video and audio through the Internet to be seen and heard through a web browser anywhere in the world making for simple access for mobile workers or remote users.

Unlike standard "webcams" requiring an attached PC, the PTZ Internet Camera contains its own IP address, so businesses can easily connect it to an existing Ethernet or Wireless network.

The WVC200 comes equipped with a LCD screen on the front of the camera that displays the IP address so multiple cameras can be easily managed.

The WVC200 images can be password protected or can be left open for the world to see. Support for Dynamic DNS enables access to the camera by using an easy-to-remember URL "name", even if the business is using a dynamic IP address.

The Pan/Tilt and 2X digital zoom function allows for remote control of the camera's movement and focus remotely.

Up to 10 simultaneous users can have access to the camera at any point in time.

The advanced MPEG4 video compression produces a 640x480 video stream.

Those looking to use this to replace a CCTV system will be pleased to hear it has a Security mode that is motion controlled. It will then email up to four email addresses with the captured footage.

The UK price will be around £175 while in the US it will be $200. The new model is available now.