Linksys has launched a compact wireless-G internet video camera at CES in Las Vegas.

Its latest monitoring device provides users a means to monitor the home and office via a web browser from anywhere in the world.

Unlike standard “webcams” requiring an attached PC, the Internet Video Camera contains its own IP address, so users can connect to an existing Ethernet or wireless network.

Once connected to a home network and the Internet, the user is able to see the clear camera view from any Windows-based PC.

Advanced features of the WVC54GC-UK include automated monitoring from Intamac* via a remote server-based platform. When the camera detects motion, the Intamac platform begins to record the video feed, storing up to 2 minutes of images.

At the same time, automated alerts can be sent via text message, a telephone call or by email informing a customer that motion was detected by the camera at their home or place of business.

The Intamac Home Manager secure online account provides simple and highly secure access to retrieve the recorded images, and to view the live video streams from all cameras in the home. If the customer is unable to access a computer at that time, they can also request images be sent to their mobile phone via MMS or as a video clip for viewing.

No pricing has been set as yet.