Linksys, the consumer networking arm of Cisco Systems, has launched a wireless-g router that has been designed for business travellers so they can access the Internet from places like hotels, restaurants and anywhere else they see fit on the move.

The small, compact travel-friendly design includes a built-in power supply and wireless signal antenna as well as a WAN port for connection to a Cable or DSL connection. The device will also allow users to connect via an ethernet port.

Users hoping to set up a mini wireless network, simply plug the router directly into a power supply and phone line and establish either a wired or wireless connection to the internet offered by the hotel or other venue.

The router supports Linksys's SecureEasySetup (SES) technology that allows secure connections to a WTR54GS-established network at the push of a button. SES is a push-button solution for Wi-Fi setup that helps simplify the configuration and setup of WPA security, allowing even first-time users to setup and activate security features on a wireless network with the push of a button.

The model also features Linksys's SpeedBooster technology that promises to increase wireless performance by up to 35% over standard 802.11g (wireless-g) connection speeds.

The Linksys Wireless-G Travel Router with SpeedBooster (WTR54GS)will cost £79.99 and is available now.