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(Pocket-lint) - The importance of clean water can’t be emphasized enough, so a proper water filtration system is a benefit to any home.

Traditional RO (reverse osmosis) water filtration systems consist of bulky structures and tanks that can trigger bacterial growth, compromising the quality of the filtered water. Most traditional RO systems also involve complicated installation and regular maintenance, making clean water inaccessible to individuals who can’t afford regular maintenance or professional installation.

But Waterdrop, one of the world’s leading water purification brands, is here to simplify the path towards clean water. The Waterdrop reverse osmosis water filtration system has a simple, tankless design that provides instant filtered water without the risk of secondary contaminants. Furthermore, the installation and filter replacement processes are simple and hassle-free, making them accessible to everyone.

Waterdrop also emphasizes social responsibility - each Waterdrop purchase leads to a donation of clean water to children in Sub-Saharan Africa. Waterdrop offers attractive Prime Day discounts from 12 to 13 July, so you can avail of discounts of up to $399 within this period. This article provides an overview of some of the best Waterdrop water filtration systems and their Prime Day deals.

Waterdrop G3P800

  • MSRP: $999
  • Deal Price: $699
  • Discount: $300 (30 per cent off)
  • Validity: 12 to 13 July
  • Extra Savings: Receive 1 Waterdrop Remineralization Filter for free

The Waterdrop G3P800 is an upgraded version of Waterdrop’s flagship product, the G3 RO undersink water filtration system. The G3P800 reverse osmosis system can filter one cup of water within 6 seconds and a total of 800 gallons per day, making it one of the fastest water filtration systems on the market. Furthermore, it maintains a 3:1 pure-to-drain ratio, which means it uses just one cup of wastewater to produce three cups of filtered water.

The G3P800 RO system has a 9-stage filtration system that reduces TDS, PFAS, fluoride, salts like nitrate and chloride, and heavy metals like chromium, arsenic, calcium, iron, and radium. This filtration system has also been tested, and it guarantees lead reduction. The tankless filtration system also comes with a smart faucet that reveals the TDS level and water quality, so you know that every cup you drink is pure and clean.

The G3P800 RO system is certified by the Federal Communications Commission and meets the EU Standards and UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) Standards for safety.

Waterdrop G3

  • MSRP: $549
  • Deal Price: $399
  • Discount: $150 (27 per cent off)
  • Validity: 12 to 13 July

The Waterdrop G3 is a tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system with a capacity of 400 gallons. It has been certified with a TDS removal rate of up to 91.9 per cent and the hexavalent chromium reduction rate of up to 96.9 per cent, ensuring the cleanest quality of filtered water. This water filtration system, which you install under your sink, is certified against NSF 58 for TDS reduction and is NSF 372-certified for lead-free material. The G3 also won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2019.

The G3 tankless reverse osmosis device has an 8-stage filtration system that can effectively reduce TDS, pfas, arsenic salt, radium nitrate, particles, chlorine, chromium, fluoride, iron, calcium, chloride, and heavy metals like hexavalent chromium. It features an activated carbon block made from coconut shells, which can further reduce impurities from the water. The G3 RO system can filter a cup of water within 12 seconds and has a 1:1 pure-to-drain ratio.

While the Waterdrop G3 isn’t as fast, powerful, or capacious as the G3P800, it’s ideal for small households with a few members seeking clear and clean water.

Waterdrop G2P600

  • MSRP: $374.99
  • Deal Price: $299.99
  • Discount: $75 (20 per cent OFF)
  • Validity: 12 to 13 July

The Waterdrop G2P600 reverse osmosis water filtration system has a capacity of 600 gallons. It features a 7-stage filtration system that can effectively eliminate most of the impurities from the water after being fitted under your sink. The CF filter has a PP membrane and an activated carbon block that eliminates organic matter, sediment, and rust, and the MRO filter has a 0.0001-micron reverse osmosis membrane, a sediment PP membrane, an activated carbon block and PET pleated membrane that removes TDS, nitrates, PFAS, fluoride, salt, and heavy metals. The comprehensive filtration system ensures each cup of water is pure.

The G2P600 has a fast and stable water flow capable of filtering one cup of water within 8 seconds, which means it can filter 600 gallons of water per day. The 8-second water filtration time is suitable for large families or small businesses. With a 2:1 pure-to-drain ratio, this RO system produces only 1 cup of wastewater for every 2 cups of filtered water. Furthermore, the filter has a simple twist-and-pull design, so you can manually change the filter within a few seconds without needing professional help or tools.

Waterdrop Remineralization Filter for RO System

It’s not enough to remove all the minerals and heavy metals from water; healthy water also needs certain minerals that promote good health, such as calcium and fluoride. The remineralization filter restores calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium to your filtered water, slowing the ageing process, improving digestion, and helping you avoid chronic illnesses and diseases.

Waterdrop remineralization filter uses PCC technology to activate the crystalline structure of minerals and ensure optimal quality. Natural coconut shell activated carbon is adapted to remove chlorine, bad taste and odour to deliver tasty water. You can attach this 1/4-inch quick connect tubing to your RO water filtration systems, your undersink water system, or your refrigerator to enjoy completely clean, filtered, and mineralized water straight from the tap.

The Waterdrop remineralization filter can last for 1100 gallons of water. Up to 8300 single-used bottles and $12600 spent on bottled mineral water can be saved.

Waterdrop Mini Water Pressure Tank

The Waterdrop Mini Water Pressure Tank is a 0.26-gallon pressurized storage water tank for any 1/4-inch tubed tankless reverse osmosis systems, such as the Waterdrop G3P800, G3, G2, and G2P600. This water tank is specially designed to unlock the full functionality of tankless reverse osmosis systems, allowing your tankless RO system to work perfectly with ice makers and refrigerators. It also allows you to retrieve water from the refrigerator quickly without waiting. Besides, it extends using the distance of the RO system, ensuring constant water flow or ice if there’s a long distance between the RO system and the refrigerator or ice maker.

Installing the water pressure tank is incredibly easy. After cutting off the water outlet tubing of the tankless RO water filter systems, you can insert both ends of the 1/4” quick-connect tube into the tank. It’s an extremely durable and tight water tank that doesn’t leak under extreme pressure. The installation takes only 2 minutes, and you don’t need external equipment or professional help.

If you want a comprehensive water filtration system, you can get one of the Waterdrop RO systems, the remineralization filter, and the mini water pressure tank. If you time your purchase on 12 and 13 July (Prime Day), you can also enjoy massive discounts!