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(Pocket-lint) - Most of us have nursed thoughts of embracing an off-the-grid lifestyle. Disconnecting from the electrical grid, generating and owning your power can be enticing. The prospect of independent energy can be even more attractive because of the climate crisis - solar energy is so much cleaner than the energy offered by most energy companies.

Furthermore, generating and owning your own energy can bolster your independence in ways you may not give much thought to. If you generate solar energy, you can drive off into the wilderness in an RV without losing power, and you can keep your home powered through unforeseen power outages. And again, your energy independence also saves the environment!

EcoFlow, one of the world’s leading producers of solar power-storage solutions, has just launched the Smart Home Panel, which constitutes the heart of the company’s DELTA Pro ecosystem. Smart Home Panel allows you to connect up to 10 home circuits together, thus giving you up to 25kWh of power for when a blackout occurs.

Below, we discuss the value of EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro ecosystem, how the Smart Home Panel is the heart of the ecosystem, and its unique capabilities.

EcoFlowEcoFlow takes the DELTA Pro ecosystem to the next level with the Smart Home Panel photo 4

What is the EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem?

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem is a comprehensive suite of revolutionary devices that simplify your embrace of the off-the-grid lifestyle. The ecosystem comprises the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station, the DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery, the EcoFlow 400W Solar Panels, the EcoFlow Smart Generator, and now the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel.

If you have these devices, you can harness solar power, convert solar power into energy, store that energy in portable batteries, and use that energy as and when necessary. The portable power station has a capacity of 3.6kWh, but it can be increased to 25kWh with extra batteries and generators. You can also connect three 400W solar panels for a 1200W input.

To put it simply, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem gives you everything necessary to lead an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient, and energy-independent lifestyle.

Introducing the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel is a home-integrated battery system that forms the heart of the EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem. It helps with energy backup and energy management. If you suddenly lose power, it immediately activates with seemingly no switchover time, ensuring your home keeps running without power interruptions. And it can also optimize your energy usage, saving you considerable money in energy bills every month.

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Connect across multiple devices and rooms

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel connects with up to 10 of your home circuits, providing essential load backup. If you’re traveling somewhere, you don’t need to take multiple power stations because the Smart Home Panel will connect all of them together. This is the ideal device for individuals living in large households with multiple rooms and high energy usage.

Keep things running with negligible switchover time

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel can be used as a backup source of energy. And in that regard, it works excellently. Once integrated with the DELTA Pro ecosystem, it promises less than 20 milliseconds of switchover time. The moment your home loses power, the Smart Home Panel will immediately kick into action, seamlessly powering up your entire home without any disruption.

Control the entire ecosystem with an app

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel offers the most intelligent and intuitive energy monitoring capabilities on the market. The Tesla Powerwall can only monitor a household’s energy consumption as a whole. But the Smart Home Panel can display energy consumption for each circuit on the EcoFlow App, so you have all the information necessary to optimize your energy use.

EcoFlowEcoFlow takes the DELTA Pro ecosystem to the next level with the Smart Home Panel photo 3

Save up to 40 percent off your energy bill

The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel intelligently optimizes your energy usage. It can store energy during the off-peak hours when you’re using renewable energy or low-cost grid energy, and it can use the stored energy to offer power during peak grid energy hours. Because of this intelligent optimization, you can save up to 40 percent off your energy bills.

Perfect for outdoor and off-the-grid living

Most other home batteries are intrinsically connected to the home, so they can’t be moved around. But the Smart Home Panel works with the highly portable DELTA Pro Portable Power Station, which means you can easily use it when moving around outdoors. This makes it perfect for having a system that works at home, but lets you disconnect your Power Station when you need it.

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem is a collection of game-changing devices, offering everything you could possibly need to harness, generate, store, use, and manage your solar energy. Whether you’re hitting the great outdoors, leading an off-the-grid lifestyle, or simply want an independent power backup, the Smart Home Panel and DELTA Pro ecosystem can fuel your energy independence.