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(Pocket-lint) - Nanoleaf has announced that it's waving goodbye to its original Rhythm Light Panels.

As announced in an upload to YouTube, the company will be retiring the smart lights that became synonymous with its brand, though states that support will continue through the mobile app "forever" - or, at least, for "a very, very, very long time".

What this means for current owners of the lights - or, indeed, those who manage to purchase them outside of Nanaoleaf's official store - is that all the same functions will continue, such as grouping and syncing them with other lights.

Nanoleaf notes that the Rhythm tiles won't be receiving any more new features in the future, though, and, despite firmware updates being planned to help them continue in the smart home, these will be limited due to the controller's built-in radio.

"Technology is always advancing, and we want to be able to offer the best we can, but, because Light Panels have older technology, they will not be able to support Thread," Nanoleaf says. 

This, of course, relates to the newer, advanced wireless protocol from Thread Group - and, subsequently, the soon-to-launch smart home interoperability protocol, Matter - which Nanoleaf has already indicated it will support with compatible devices in the future.


Luckily for those interested in creating funky setups, there are still plenty of Nanoleaf smart lights available to peruse - and the company itself indicates that part of the reason the Rhythm panels are being discontinued is due to its Shapes line acting as a like-for-like successor.

For the OG panels, though, this is the end - aside from replacement parts being offered to customers until the end of 2023, and the remaining stock of discounted expansion packs.

Writing by Conor Allison.