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(Pocket-lint) - Video doorbells have taken the world by storm in recent years, going from something you hardly ever used to see to a mainstay for many homes and businesses. The benefits are fairly obvious, too - you get to see who's at your door well before you open it.

It can be slightly tough, though, to know what doorbell to go for, since there are so many on the market. Smart home security expert EZVIZ has turned its hand to the market, now, though, to provide another standout option, the DP1C. Read on to find out why it's one of the very best two-in-one video door viewer and doorbells out there. 

Impeccable video quality

Arguably the most important part of any video doorbell, once you've got it installed and working, is how solid the video it offers is. EZVIZ made that one of its key points when designing the DP1C, and you can really tell the work went in. Firstly, the camera has a huge 104-degree field of view to make sure that everything you need to see is included in its frame - that's really helpful for left packages and more. 

Its 720p HD video, meanwhile, is super crisp and clear and has night vision with a range of up to 3 metres to make sure that you can always see who's out there regardless of the conditions. Plus, its smart colour profiles mean that video is vivid and accurate, whereas competing cameras are often washed-out and hard to tell from - you can see a comparison in the photo below.

Superb display

That great video quality is even better when you view it through the included Door Viewer, a key part of the package that also sets it apart from some other options on the market. It's a brilliant 4.3-inch LCD display that you can set anywhere in your home, or carry around it according to your preference. That way you don't need to have your smartphone to hand to see who's outside, and you can even have a fixed point for answering the door if you're more traditional.

When you use it or your phone, two-way talk means you can check in with whoever's waiting to let them know you're on your way, or that they should leave a package behind - whatever suits you. 

Long-lasting protection

Anyone who's used another video doorbell will know that disaster can strike if it runs out of battery too quickly - being unable to function, and potentially leaving you clueless about who's at your door.

That isn't something to worry about with the DP1C, which has a fully-rechargeable 4600 mAh lithium battery on-board to ensure that it can stand the test of time and work for long stretches between recharges. It smartly minimises power consumption to make sure that this battery life is exemplary, which we really appreciate. 

Smart functions

Of course, a video doorbell really comes into its own when you make use of all of its smart features, and EZVIZ has packed plenty of those in. You can set up motion detection to watch for people coming into certain zones, and get instant alerts to your smartphone for quick response times.

Plus it works perfectly with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, letting you control your doorbell using just your voice if you want to. And with multiple storage options available including cloud storage, you can set up your clips to save without worrying about losing them. 

All in all, the DP1C is a brilliant new entrant to the two-in-one video door viewer and doorbell market, especially for an impressive £169.99 - that's great value, so be sure to pick one up for yourself today!