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(Pocket-lint) - Wi-Fi has become something we've taken for granted - but many of us live with sub-standard networks in our homes. 

With the rise of homeschooling, video calling, streaming and gaming over the last year - most of it happening at the same time - your home network might be creaking. 

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Upgrading your broadband can only go so far, since often the problem is inside your home due to poor router placement, the construction of the home itself, interference from other devices or - as is most common - physical obstacles throughout your rooms. 

Now's the time to sort it out - and that's where a mesh network can help, giving you high performing Wi-Fi throughout all your rooms. 


What is a mesh network? 

A mesh network consists of various modules or nodes - two or three are the most common amounts, but you can add more. One connects to your existing router, while the others act as satellite devices and are distributed to key points around your house. 

All of the nodes share the same network name and password, so your devices can roam between them to get the best signal depending on where you are in your house. Technologies built into mesh devices mean that the signals can get around obstacles that traditional routers find problematic.

They also have a greater range often, too, meaning that mesh networks can reach the far-off bedroom or attic study where other routers and repeaters can't cut it. They can also get around interference well, too, so if you have lots of other networks around you - such as from neighbouring homes, a mesh network will minimise interference from those. 

The devolo Mesh WiFi 2 Whole Home Kit is the ideal mesh networking starter pack - it can make sure that your fast and stable Wi-Fi reaches throughout your entire home.

The devolo adapters plug directly into power outlets (so you don't need to have bulky network devices placed on shelves or window sills throughout your home) and have the advantage of using Powerline technology as well.

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The advantage there is that they can be used to reach areas of your home where Wi-Fi signals may not be able to, using the very latest Powerline networking standard that sends data over the existing power cabling in your walls. 

The devolo smart mesh network automatically organises your Wi-Fi all on its own for the best possible signal. All you need to do is initially set them up in just a few steps using the devolo Home Network app. If you have wired devices - such as a smart TV or games console without Wi-Fi - you can connect them via fast Gigabit Ethernet to one of the plugs. 

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Using the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button on your router during setup you can also transfer your router's existing Wi-Fi password is transmitted to all your devolo adapters - you won't need to re-enter a password on your phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs. For the best performance, you can then switch off the Wi-Fi on your existing router so the signals don't conflict. 

devolo's tri-band mesh network technologies include MU-MIMO for dealing with large numbers of devices accessing the network simultaneously and beamforming, which ensures that Wi-Fi signals are focused where they are needed. Airtime Fairness ensures that your more demanding devices get the data they need. They're also secure, using the latest WPA2/WPA3 standards. 

Another advantage to mesh networks is that they are scalable since you can add another node if you require it - devolo sells individual Mesh WiFi 2 plugs should you require them. Up to eight devolo Wi-Fi adapters can be used in one home network.

devolo Mesh WiFi is 100% compatible with all routers and also with all existing devolo Magic adapters - so you can extend your devolo Mesh WiFi network with Add-On-adapters from the devolo Magic series.

And all devolo products come with a three-year guarantee, too. 

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