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(Pocket-lint) - Home security systems are becoming more and more common and popular, but there's a lot of chaff among the wheat - which is to say, you could wind up with a cheap and substandard package if you're not careful.

The best options out there are the most comprehensive, and Ajax Systems has one of the most impressive array of options going, letting you monitor your home or business in a whole range of ways. A professionally-installed network of Ajax sensors is pretty much unbeatable, so we thought we'd walk you through some of the points that make it so peerless. 

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1. An expandable system

The core of an Ajax system is generally one of its hubs, located in your home or place of work and connected to the Internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or GSM (channels vary depending on the hub version). It acts as the central node in your network of security sensors, and you can use it to set up a system that's as complicated or simple as you need. 

That might mean a couple of door and window sensors so that you can make sure everything's locked up tight out of hours, or it might mean a more expansive setup involving fire detectors, flood detectors, security cameras and control over individual appliances through smart plugs.

This means that it's super adaptable, and can easily be updated if your needs change, making it perfect for growing businesses but also for homeowners who might have changing security needs. 

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2. Great integrations

Part of what makes that process of expanding your Ajax system so easy is that it has integrations with a bunch of leading smart security devices that you can add to the network. 

You can connect cameras from the likes of Ezviz, Hikvision, Safire, Dahua, and Uniview in less than a minute, making for just about the easiest set up going. Other brands will also work so long as they use the RTSP standard, which is hugely widespread throughout the sector, meaning you really can build out the system exactly as you like. 

There's also the possibility of connecting a third-party wired alarm to Ajax. This allows you to keep old security equipment and manage it via the Ajax app, or to expand Ajax system with wired IR barriers, household gas, temperature, liquid level detectors, and more.

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3. Smart alerts

Once you've got it set up, you'll start to get to know Ajax's great hub app on your smartphone, which will let you check out any alerts that come through, and control any aspects of your network that you like. 

You can choose how to receive alerts, of course, and under what circumstances they'll be sent. Whether you'd like push notifications, text messages or even phone calls, you'll be able to make sure that alerts come through in the most useful way for you. All of this gives you total control, while you can also opt to use the keyring-sized SpaceControl, a nifty programmable remote that you can set up however you like.

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4. Top-grade security

Underpinning the entire ecosystem that Ajax creates there are layers upon layers of impeccable security protocols which take it way past what most security systems offer for a smart home.

Whether it's backup battery power to ensure that even power cuts don't stop monitoring, a real-time OS that's resistant to hacking, dual communication channels to get around signal jammers and encryption to stop interception, your data is as safe as it could be.

The system also has a Grade 2 rating and is compliant with the PD 6662:2017 standard which means police in the UK can respond to Ajax's alarms.  

The best way to get everything running to the absolute top standard is to have Ajax professionally install your system - it's like having a security expert protecting your home once everything's set up and working. This also prevents false alarms and guarantees that in a potentially life-critical situation everything works flawlessly. 

Those are just some of the reasons why Ajax could be perfect for you, though - you can find out more, and order yourself a package of hardware, by visiting Ajax's own website.