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(Pocket-lint) - Choosing a smart home camera can be a bit of a challenge - there are so many different makes and models out there, all of them with subtly different features and specs.

Having a brand that you know you can trust can be really valuable, in helping to narrow down that pool while ensuring that you can trust its products to work as designed. That's something you can apply to EZVIZ's range of cameras, which are all great options. One of its newest models is the C3W Pro - here are some compelling reasons why it could be perfect for you. 

The C3W Pro is an AI-powered upgrade to EZVIZ’s best-selling C3W outdoor camera, equipped with multiple enhancements in late-night monitoring, alert accuracy and video quality.

1. Incredible colour night vision

One of the major feathers in the C3W Pro's cap is its super colour night vision, which lets you rely on extremely crisp and clear video even in the dead of night. It's a core part of an outdoor smart home camera that it produces great footage regardless of the conditions and lighting, so knowing that you've got night vision on board is great.

On top of that, there are two modes to choose from, a traditional black-and-white option and also colour night vision to make sure that you can get key colour details too if you prefer. That's a great setup to be able to fall back on. 

2. Outdoor and weatherproof

Of course, being able to record in all conditions is also partly down to how the C3W Pro has been built - it's got an IP67 waterproofing rating which means that it's completely fine out in the elements, regardless of the weather.

That's huge for most users, who don't have to worry about a gust of wind throwing some water into their camera and shorting it out completely. You can rely on great recordings all year round. 

3. H.265 Video Compression

Another feature that makes the C3W Pro super efficient and easy to use is that it utilises H.265 video compression to store its video files in the most compact way possible. This ensures that video quality is maintained at the very highest level, but that the bandwidth required to transmit it, and the storage required to keep it are both far lower.

On your end, that means that you need less storage space to keep an archive, and it uses less data when you need to stream a view of your camera. Those are small changes that can make a big difference over time. 

4. AI-powered person detection

Part of what makes the C3W Pro able to work like that is the brilliant AI-powered features that EZVIZ has stuffed into it, including advanced person-detection that can let you know whenever anyone enters certain zones that the camera can see. 

That means you can be alerted to trespassers if you're worried about them, but also just see when deliveries are arriving, or indeed guests are on their way. You can even set the camera up so that it plays an audio message when triggered, for example to tell someone where to leave a package. That's a powerful and reassuring tool!

All this and more make the C3W Pro one of the very best options on the market for an outdoor smart camera - you can pick yours up now, so be sure to grab one!