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(Pocket-lint) - Valentine's Day is right around the corner, offering up the perfect opportunity for people around the world to express their love and fondness for each other.

Finding a gift for Valentine's Day can be a bit of a challenge, though, which so many options out there looking a bit tacky or unoriginal, whether you're thinking of flowers, chocolates or anything else in between. We're big fans of the idea of a gift that really makes an impact on someone's life in a positive way, which is why a robot vacuum from Roborock could just be the best possible answer. 

It's perfect timing, too, as Roborock is running a bunch of reductions on some of its best vacuums. Read on to find out some of the ways that these could make for superb gifts. 

Best Robot Vacuums in price order:

1. Take a load off

The key fact about giving someone you love a robot vacuum is that you're actually giving them back their own spare time. Keeping a home clean, whether it's big or small, is something that takes up a lot of time, between sweeping, vacuuming and mopping, and it often has to happen when we could be doing something more fun, like at weekends.

Being able to delegate a lot of that chore-work to a robot vacuum means that they can put their feet up, and take some actual me-time, whether it's with the family or on their own. That's worth its weight in gold to most people, so even one of Roborock's simpler vacuums like the E4 can make a huge difference. 

Right now it's on sale, too, down from $269.99 to just $199.99, which means that for less than $200 you'll be helping someone special get time back in their life. 

RoborockCan a very practical robot vacuum be a romantic gift? photo 2

2. Get your smart home going

Of course, another way that a robot vacuum can potentially make life easier is by integrating with your smart home network of choice, anchored by a voice assistant like Amazon's Alexa, which can automate all sorts of processes around your home. 

Being able to start your vacuum cleaning with just a simple voice command, or indeed being able to stop it just as quickly if someone calls you or you need silence for a bit, is a real blessing, and it's a great way to get used to using your smart home more inventively. 

The Roborock S6 MaxV is a great example of a vacuum that works perfectly with Alexa, and with a huge $150 saving on it right now, it's the perfect time to pick one up.

3. Enjoy your routine

Another of what makes Roborock's vacuums such a great addition to any home is that they're really easy to set schedules for, ensuring that the cleaning they do so effectively happens at times when it's most convenient. 

For example, you could ask you Roborock S4 Max to do a clean of your living room early each morning on its quietest setting, so that you wake up to a super-clean floor but don't risk being disturbed as you sleep. 

There are countless ways to set this up so that you're never disturbed by noise, and it all comes together to make another way in which a vacuum can improve your home life. The S4 Max is also on sale, with a $100 saving

4. Have some fun with it!

If you've never owned a robot vacuum before you might not realise how fun they can be in your home - you can give your robot a fun nickname, for use with your smart assistant, which makes it feel almost like a futuristic pet!

In fact, you'll even get to know it like a new puppy or kitten, since it can let you know when it's cleaning, or when it's tired and needs to go back to its home charging station, so it'll become a real personality around your home. 

If you feel like making a great addition to your home, then, remember that all these discounts are time-limited, so be sure to snap them up while you can, to make sure that you can get a perfect gift for someone special this Valentine's Day.