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(Pocket-lint) - When you're setting up smart home cameras to keep your home secure, there can be an overwhelming number of options to consider, including features, price and ease of use.

These can make it slightly tough to decide on a product that you can be confident will bring all the things you need it to. Handily, though, we can give you all the details about a new smart home camera from EZVIZ that ticks all the right boxes for a very sensible price - the C8C outdoor cam. Here are a few reasons why it might just be the perfect choice for you. After all, the C8C is EZVIZ’s first-ever outdoor pan/tilt camera equipped with advanced features including AI-powered human detection and colour night vision. 

1. Full pan and tilt

On top of the video's actual quality, the C8C is smartly designed to make sure that it actually captures the important moments. It's got full panning and tilt built in, letting it cover a huge range of angles, so that you don't need more than one camera to tackle bigger spaces. 

On top of that, built-in person detection can turn on the camera when someone approaches, powered by a powerful AI process. This lets you designate zones to watch out for intruders in, and you can be alerted in real time when someone enters them. 

2. Brilliant video quality 

The most important factor in any smart home camera, if you're asking us, is its video quality - this is, after all, the key reason why you install one in the first place. It can be really frustrating to check in on some footage and find that it's grainy and hard to see. 

That's why EZVIZ has outfitted the C8C with superb 1080p video that's pin-sharp and has great colour reproduction, making sure that what you see is really accurate to real life. That means it's easy to pick out important details like what someone's wearing, what company a delivery is from, or even a car's license plate. 

3. Colour night vision

Another feature that adds to how useful the C8C can be is its superb night vision support, which actually comprises three separate modes. There's the ability to loop it in to external lighting for floodlit night footage, a black-and-white night vision mode that preserves the camera's 30-metre range, and finally the new colour night vision mode which intelligently lights up the scene with true-to-life colours. 

It all means that whatever approach you take, you get great night vision to make sure that the time of day doesn't matter as far as your footage is concerned.

4. Smart features

Of course, a smart home camera is generally also marked out by how it ties into your connected home, and that's true again in the case of the C8C, which works brilliantly. Firstly, it works with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, letting you start recordings and take other actions all through your choice of voice assistant.

On top of that, its connection to the EZVIZ Cloud means that you can easily back up your footage automatically and store it remotely - that also lets you access it from whatever device you need, which can be really useful in a pinch. 

These are just some of the features that stand out when you consider the C8C camera, but there are loads of others, too, including intense waterproofing that'll let it see through all weather conditions, the strobe lighting it comes with, and the sheer fact that it all comes with a price tag of just £109.99 attached. 

You can order your own camera right now through Amazon, so be sure to snap one up!