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(Pocket-lint) - Smart home technology has been coming on by huge leaps and bounds over the last few years, making it steadily easier and easier to automate many elements of your home life.

One of the best areas for this has been security, which has evolved to mean that you can now easily buy cameras and sensors to make sure that all parts of your home are safe and secure, without having to worry about watching them yourself. EZVIZ makes some of the best smart home security cameras on the market and is holding a major sale to coincide with Black Friday. We've gathered some of the very best options for you to consider, right here.

EZVIZEZVIZ has amazing deals on smart home tech this Black Friday photo 7

EZVIZ CTQ3W 720P Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

If you're looking for a standard smart home camera to mount outside, this option from EZVIZ is one of the most reliable on the market - it's got super-crisp 720p video and connects to your Wi-Fi to make it easy to check on it through your smartphone.

You also get motion-sensing into the bargain, which can help you to record any suspicious or unusual activity as a precaution, while a strobe light and super-loud alarm system can also act as a really useful deterrent if you feel you need them. Dust and water resistance means that you don't have to worry about it outdoors in the elements, too. Best of all, it's down to just £37.99 in the UK, and $34.99 in the US, a super Black Friday deal.

EZVIZ CTQ3W 1080P Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

If you want a slightly crisper image from your smart home security, though, you could upgrade to the 1080p version of the same camera, which will bring your video quality up to standard. 

You get all the same benefits, besides that, including night vision up to 30 metres and more, so it's well worth considering. This version of the camera is discounted down to £52.29 in the UK or $54.99 in the US, so it's a superb deal whichever version you opt for. 

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EZVIZ CTQ6C 1080P Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera

Perhaps you're more interested in getting a camera that's perfect for indoor use in your home, though? EZVIZ has you covered on that side of things too, thankfully, with the CTQ6C 1080P Indoor Pan/Tilt Camera, a superb little indoor camera. 

This device brings brilliant 1080p video, and can work with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, making it really easy to integrate into your smart home and control with your voice. It's great as a pet or baby monitor, or just if you want to check up on rooms in your house from your phone or computer. 

Plus, for Black Friday it's down to just £32.99 or $27.99, a great deal on either side of the Atlantic.

EZVIZEZVIZ has amazing deals on smart home tech this Black Friday photo 8

EZVIZ C3N Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera

Finally, if you want an outdoor camera that brings a huge raft of impressive features, including 1080p video and AI-powered person detection to make for more accurate recordings, the C3N Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera is a stellar option from EZVIZ. It's a superb night vision mode to ensure that whatever the conditions, you get great video.

You can also really easily set up no-record zones for it, in case you want certain areas to remain out of sight, and indeed create zones that send you an instant notification when there's motion in them. It's really adaptable and can augment any security system nicely. 

Best of all, it's discounted down to £59.99 or $39.99 depending on your location, making it brilliant value during Black Friday.