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(Pocket-lint) - Swann has been a huge name in security cameras for a long time, helping businesses to secure their premises without hassle or fuss, and for a few years now it's been applying that expertise and prestige to the home market. 

That means that all the lessons it's learnt while helping huge businesses are benefiting families and homes, too, and you could join that group to reap the same rewards. Outdoor security cameras are well-trodden ground, but increasingly people are starting to see the value of indoor cameras, too. Whether they're to let you check in on your belongings remotely, or keep an eye on your kids in other parts of the house, indoor cameras can be a real safety blanket. 

Swann has an absolutely top-class example in the form of its Alert Indoor Security Camera, and we thought we'd run you through some of the things that make it so reliable. 

Full HD video

The most important thing, when it comes to an security camera of any sort, whether indoor or outdoor, is the video that it records. We've all watched enough true crime documentaries to know that grainy, pixelated CCTV footage can be next to useless. Swann's Alert camera records in full HD 1080p to make sure that your saved footage is crisp and clear.

That means that if you do happen to record anything that's important later, you'll be able to make out details clearly. Plus, with a 110-degree field of view, it also captures a massive amount without needing to be moved.

Plus, Swann's Alert Indoor Security Camera is also smart enough that you won't have to remember about it all the time to make sure it's recording - it has a variety of settings to help you on that front. 

For one, you can easily set it up to automatically start recording if it detects motion in its field of view. There's more - it can detect people automatically, and can also start recording if it detects a sudden loud noise. Those are the sorts of features that make it feel like a real boost to your peace of mind while away from home. 

Finally, with voice assistant integration you can also tell Alexa or the Google Assistant to start your camera recording if you want hands-free control. That's an amazing package of options. 

Night vision

Of course, high quality video is important, but cameras will often be recording at night or in dim light, which is why Swann's camera packs night vision as standard, ensuring that even if you need to view recordings from the wee hours, you'll still be able to see what's going on with ease. 

It's got infrared vision to make sure that you can see up to 10 metres away, even in total darkness. Plus, this mode of recording will automatically kick in as night falls, meaning that once again you don't have to worry about manually turning anything on. 

2-way talk

Putting a camera like Swann's Alert system inside your home can have added benefits over and above simple surveillance, though. Say you put one in your lounge, where your family hangs out. Well, with two-way audio, that camera can become an effective intercom, letting you tell them dinner's ready or that their TV time is up for the evening. 

Of course, in the worst-case scenario, this also means that you can audibly warn intruders that you're able to see them and call the police. If this doesn't work, you can also sound a piercing siren to deter them further. 

All of this functionality is built into the Swann Security App, which can be a great hub for your various cameras, so that you can get an overview of your system in one place, at a glance. 

Free recording

One of things that can be really annoying about some other providers of smart home cameras is the hidden cost of actually being able to record any of the video you're capturing and store it - these often involve pricey membership plans.

Swann, though, lets you save seven days of recordings for free in the cloud, on a rolling basis, while two days' worth of footage can also be stored locally on the camera. That means that you can set up the camera and forget about it without having to worry about your footage going missing after a day. 

If those features and options sound like they could make a great fit for your home, you can order the Alert Indoor Security Camera from Swann's website right here