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(Pocket-lint) - Home security is something that we all value, and it's one of the biggest beneficiaries from the advent of smart home technology. Where you once had to simply lock up your house and leave in the faith that nothing would happen while you were away, you can now keep tabs on it, and indeed its occupants, in myriad ways. 

Specifically, smart home cameras have really changed the game, letting you check-in from your mobile phone and see what's going on wherever you've pointed a camera. It's the sort of thing that used to be reserved for businesses, but is now happily open to your home. 

Swann, in fact, made its name back in the early days of CCTV with superb systems for business owners. For years now, though, it's been applying that expertise and prestige to the personal security market, and its Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera is the perfect embodiment of how well that all comes together. We've collected five reasons that make Swann's camera a great choice to protect your home. 

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1. Great quality video

Let's cut to the chase - when it comes to smart home security cameras, perhaps your first concern simply has to be video quality. All the bells and whistles in the world won't make up for it, if every time you open your app you're greeted by grainy images straight out of the VHS era.

Well, don't worry about the Swann Spotlight cameras - they pack full HD 1080p recording to make sure that any important video you do capture is crisp and clear, and that when you do check in on the feed you're immediately able to see what's going on and react if you need to. 

2. Those spotlights

Even better, there's a hint about what marks out these Swann cameras right there in their name - the spotlights. These are useful in a variety of different ways. It might be that you want to light up anyone you think's skulking around, to make sure that they know they're being watched. Or you could want your cameras to simply turn the spotlight on whenever you walk in front of them to help you find the keyhole to your door without scrabbling around in the dark. 

There's not just one per camera, too, but two LED spotlights to make sure that whatever you want to see can be visible. 

3. Heat & Motion Sensing

The cameras aren't just limited to seeing whatever the spotlight can illuminate, though. They've got a range of features on board to make sure that they can record in a variety of ways. That includes a night vision mode that has a 20-metre range in colour, and 30m in black and white. Plus, the cameras can be triggered not just by motion but also when they detect heat, leaving you with a great range of options for how your recording is initiated.

4. 2-Way Talk & Siren

One of the great things about an outdoor security camera on your porch or front doorstep, though, is that it doesn't have to just be for recording. It can actually do a lot of what you might expect from a smart doorbell or a similar system. With Swann's Spotlight Outdoor cameras, you get two-way audio to let you talk to whoever's near the camera, checking in on what they're up to and letting them know what to do. 

Of course, if that isn't something you want to do with some strangers or suspicious types, you also have a pretty blaring siren to turn on as a full-on deterrent. That said, the signs and stickers that come with the camera to signpost the fact that you're protected by cameras are deterrents of their own. 

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5. Weatherproofing

If Swann's entire aim with these outdoor cameras is to give you peace of mind, then another key cog in its machine is the fact that they're completely weatherproof. As Swann says, they're designed to work in rain, in snow, in scorching sun and everything in between those. That means you don't have to worry about your camera conking out at the first sign of moisture. 

Plus, unlike many others Swann gives you a seven-day rolling cloud recording system without charging a subscription, meaning that you don't have to pay simply to store your videos for a couple of days. 

If all of that is enough to make you think that Swann's cameras could be perfect for your home, you can order them direct here