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(Pocket-lint) - We've all been there. It doesn't matter whether it's with a partner, spouse, housemate or live-in friend, no two people like to live in exactly the same way, and that can cause tension.

It might be a carpet left unvacuumed for weeks, or a mound of dishes left conspicuously unwashed, but there's always likely to be something you just can't get your head around about the people you live with. 

Thankfully, though, you don't have to suffer alone. Why live on in silent resentment when you could confront the issue, and pick up some amazing tech to make it easier for all parties? We've gathered together some of the devices and solutions that we think could smooth over almost any household bumps and hurdles. See what you think - you might just find the road to domestic bliss!

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A robot vacuum - Roborock S5


Chores are chores, and there's no escaping them. Vacuuming your home is pretty much essential if you want to keep dust to a minimum, regardless of whether you're living in a one-bed flat or a multi-floored palace. If you're having difficult ensuring that the division of labour is even on the vacuum front, why not magic away the labour in the first place?

Robot vacuums have come on in leaps and bounds since their introduction to the market years ago, and Roborock makes some of the best around. The S5 is a powerhouse, automatically mapping your home and cleaning it efficiently whenever you want, whether on a schedule or not. It's got mopping capabilities, too, and will simply mean that you never have to hoover for yourselves again. That said, it's a little pricey, but the good news is that there are lots of other models available. 

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A sleep tracker - Withings Sleep Analyzer


Another common issue when it comes to housemates (or indeed if you're sharing a bed with someone) is sleep. Some of us need eight hours a night every night or we're broken the next day, while others can get away with three hours and a strong coffee, but if you have loud housemates or a bedmate who tosses and turns you could be in trouble. 

That's one that probably requires real-life intervention at some point, but if you're concerned about your sleep a tracker could be a great place to start gaining an understanding of your actual requirements and patterns. Withings is superb on its tracking, and its sleep tracker, slotting under your mattress and syncing to your phone, is the best in the business. 

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A smart oven - Hoover Vision


Cooking is a classic source of discord in any house. That might be because someone never does it, or because the shared oven is a piece of rubbish, or because the person who does do it keeps burning things. Any number of issues are possible, but a really top-of-the-line smart oven with genius techy features will likely sort them all out. 

The Hoover Vision is amazing, with a screen built into its window that lets you program the oven to your needs. On top of that, as its price suggests, you'll get amazing performance and even cooking regardless of what you're making. Frankly, if you're not careful you'll all be fighting to use it, instead. 

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A smart fridge - Samsung Family Hub


While we're thinking about kitchen appliances, though, we know full well how awkward it can be sharing a fridge. Whether you're a family unit and need to desperately try to keep track of what you're low on and what's actually in the thing, or a group of friends sharing some things and not others, it's hard to stay in the loop. 

That can easily make for a dirty fridge, or one where things keep going missing. In steps the Samsung Family Hub to basically solve all these issues. With internal cameras, you can check on what's in the fridge wherever you are, while a smart noticeboard display on the outside lets you leave notes and lists for each other. Plus, it's got massive capacity to make sure that it can cater to even big groups. 

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A smart dishwasher - Bosch Serie 8 SMS88TW06G


We promise, we'll get out of the kitchen in a moment, but if there's one more key dispute that's likely to come up when it comes to culinary matters, it's got to be dirty dishes. No household can be truly free of controversy until they have a dishwasher (although, even then, loading and unloading it can become its own battle). 

This Bosch Serie 8 is a belter, powerful enough to clean even the toughest grime, and quick and quiet when it's actually on. It's a shortcut to domestic bliss, which is what this list's all about. 

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A smart assistant - Google Nest Mini


If there's one thing that can help if you're living with a selection of particularly argumentative people, it's a smart assistant that can sort fact from fiction at a moment's notice. While Alexa has its merits for smart home organisation, nothing can trump Google's Assistant when it comes to fact-checking your mates.

With the tiny Google Nest Mini you'll be able to ask Google when a pop star was born, or exactly how tall a celebrity is, or any other fact you can think of, to settle any argument. Plus you'll get a handy speaker that's better than its size indicates, and a helpful voice-controlled input for your smart home. What a bargain!

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A great webcam - Logitech C922 Pro Stream


We're thinking a little more kindly, with this entry - rather than sorting out arguments or cutting down on chores, a good webcam is essential if your main issue is isolation. Say you're in a long-distance relationship, or you hardly ever see certain groups of your friends and family. Video chatting can be a major solace, so you want a good camera to make the most of it. 

Logitech's C922 Pro Stream is just that, a cracking camera that can do basically anything you need, including livestreaming if you decide to go down that route at some point. It's versatile and reliable, and will have you chatting to your loved ones in crystal clear video in no time.

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Mesh Wi-Fi - Google Nest Wifi


Another common bone of contention in households of all types is Wi-Fi access. Whether because one room has terrible signal, or because some people won't stop hogging bandwidth at popular times, or any other combination of reasons, it can be a real issue. Solve it once and for all by hooking up a mesh system to get even, fast coverage all around your home. 

The best system on offer right now is Google's Nest Wifi, a smooth and easy setup letting you edge towards Wi-Fi heaven. With each Wi-Fi satellite also a little Google Assistant smart speaker, you're getting a bit more smart home bang for your buck, too. 

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A smart lock - August Smart Lock Pro


We're closing out our list with a final item that should remove anxiety for some occupants of any home, while acting as a useful safety net for others - a smart lock. With one of these installed on your front door you'll evolve past the need for keys, using your phone or fobs to gain entry.

It'll mean no more wakeups in the wee hours when someone gets home late without their keyring, and has added benefits like easily granted access for guests or renters. It's one of the best ways to upgrade your home life, and eliminate a source of arguments in one fell swoop. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.