(Pocket-lint) - Vax has completely revamped its cordless cleaning range. In addition to new versions of the Blade cordless vacuum (Blade 3 and Blade 4), there's also a new Glide hard floor cleaner which washes the floor like the Vax cleaners of old.

And for more specialist uses Vax has also introduced the intriguingly-named Vax Spotlessgo in addition to the Handvac which is, yes, a small handheld. 

Vax has standardised the battery in these cleaners so you can buy an extra Onepwr battery to charge up so you don't run out.

The £220 Blade 4 is probably the most mainstream of the machines, a key rival to Dyson's V11 range. It's light at 3.1kg and boasts around 45 minutes cleaning time at peak performance. The Blade 3 is a slightly cheaper version priced at £180 but with a slightly smaller battery. 


As we mentioned, the £250 Vax Glide is like a Vax machine of old, washing hard floors with specialist Vax cleaning fluid. 


The key difference to older cleaners though is that it's wireless just like the other machines here, while it's also self-cleaning after use. Although it has the same battery size as the Blade 4, it'll only run for 30 minutes. 


The Spotlessgo is designed as a grab-and-go cordless wet-and-dry cleaner for a car, or caravan, or just for cleaning up after children or pets. It's a halfway house between a standard handheld and a bigger Vax, with a spray that targets stubborn stains and a variety of attachments. You can also use it for windows and shower screens. 

Finally, the Handvac costs a mere £50 and is ideal for cleaning up in hard-to-reach areas or any small mess. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.