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(Pocket-lint) - Search on Amazon right now for smart plugs and you'll see dozens of options, including one from Amazon itself, but most of them lack true smarts. Sure, they work with Alexa or Google Assistant, but beyond voice control and remote control, there's nothing very remarkable about them.

However, there is one new smart plug you can buy on Amazon, and honestly, it's what we've always wanted. It uses artificial intelligence to help you reduce energy consumption - not just control whatever is plugged into it. Called the Currant WiFi Smart Outlet, it features two separately controlled outlets and can be rotated when plugged. Currant said it has the highest safety rating of any smart plug.

But what we love most is it can track your electricity usage in real time via a companion app, so you can see how much wattage your coffee pot sucks up, and it displays that info in a graph to show you how much your appliances are costing you. Of course, through the app, you can also remotely control each outlet and connect it to Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices for voice control.

You can also schedule timers, but more interestingly, the app will make suggestions based on your usage. It might say, for instance, that you should shut off your game console or set-top box while you're sleeping. The Smart Outlet also comes in a cheaper Bluetooth option, for $49.99, but doesn't work with Alexa or Google Home like the WiFi version.

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The Currant WiFi Smart Outlet is $59.99. You can buy them both now at Amazon.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.