(Pocket-lint) - Dental health firm Colgate has released a smart toothbrush that will give you feedback on your brushing technique, in order to help improve your daily routine.

Like other electronic toothbrushes, it features sonic vibration technology to help clean your teeth, but also Bluetooth wireless connectivity that hooks it up to a dedicated application for iPad and iPhone (yes, iOS only for now) in order to present you data and brushing tips.

There are built-in sensors that take data in real time from 16 different brushing zones. These are sent to the app which analyses your technique over time then gives you recommendations on how to improve through a Coach function.

The Colgate Connect app also offers a Check Up mode, which shows you which areas in your mouth you might have missed. And there are two free games integrated that you can play alone or with your children, effectively turning the toothbrush into a game controller - making oral care fun.

Battery life lasts up to 10 days between charges and you can opt in to have your data shared with Apple ResearchKit for oral health researchers to study for better dental care products in future.

The Colgate Connect E1 is available now for £89.95 exclusively from Apple stores and Apple.com.

Writing by Rik Henderson.