(Pocket-lint) - Awair has announced the second generation model of its air pollution monitor that tracks toxins in the home to help you understand any impact on your health.

Designed with allergies and breathing difficulties in mind, but also suitable for families who want to eradicate pollutants in their daily lives, the Awair 2nd Edition is small and stylish. It looks like a retro radio from the outside, so blends into the background in a home.

New features that come with the new version include the ability to recognise and track fine dust (PM2.5). This dust can present numerous dangers to your health, with respiratory inflammation and heart disease mentioned, so is handy to track in order to reduce its presence.

Other key air pollutants the Awair tracker can detect are chemicals, CO2, humidity and temperature.

It sports an LED display on the front that notifies you in real time on the quality of air in your home, plus provides personalised tips that are sent to a smart device of your choosing.

The new model also includes a Sleep Report feature, which helps you optimise your bedroom for a better night's kip.

The Awair 2nd Edition is compatible with Alexa. Google Assistant, Next and other IFTTT smart products. It works with the Awair app on iOS and Android and is available now for £169 ($199) from getawair.co.uk.

Writing by Rik Henderson.