Hive has added a new smart lighting product to its lineup, but, more interestingly, it's announced that Philips Hue lightbulbs are now fully integrated with its connected platform.

The company's new lights are the HiveLight Dimmable GU10 spotlights. They're pitched as smart LED downlights you can control from anywhere using the Hive app. You can easily replace an existing halogen downlight with Hive's new smart bulbs and pair them with the Hive Hub 360 to control via the Hive app. You can even adjust individual lights to create different moods or control groups of spotlights together.

All of Hive's lights are integrated with other Hive devices, enabling you to set up Hive Actions in the app. On top of that, Philips Hue lightbulbs also now integrate with Hive devices. So, with the Hive app, you can not only control Hive sensors for temperature, lighting, and outlets, but you can also control Philips Hue lights using the same interface. Pocket-lint has already tested it out, as you can see from the image below.

The Hive app even supports Hue's colours. We really like the look and feel of the Hive app, especially compared to the Hue app itself and even Apple's own Home app solution. If you own Hive devices and Hue lights, we recommend checking out this integration as well as Hive's new bulbs, which are available to purchase now in packs of six or 10 and individually.

Prices start from £15 for an individual bulb.