Philips Hue is brilliant, essentially cornering the smart lighting market and leaving plenty of rivals trying to keep up. It's an expensive system, but Black Friday is coming to the rescue with some massive savings - in some cases saving you up to £60 on some of these bundles.

We're still crunching through all the offers, but here's some of the Hue bulb bundles that will offer you great savings this Black Friday:

If you're looking to get started with Hue then you'll likely need the Bridge, although if you've snapped up a discounted Amazon Echo Plus, you could make do without it.

Hue has loads of different options when it comes to bulbs and they are compatible with a wide range of systems like Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon's Alexa.

As we uncover more deals on Philips Hue, we'll be sure to update, buy you can always check all the offers on Amazon yourself!