Ring is a newcomer on the smart home scene, but it's taking the market by storm. Solving the problem of how to drag the doorbell into the connected era, Ring will let your doorbell ring on your phone or PC, let you see who is at the door, as well as talk to that person. It brings security and convenience to your home.

There are several Black Friday deals on Ring doorbells, spread across different models, but each saving you a wodge of cash.

Because there are deals on both models, it's worth knowing the differences between the two before you go ahead and buy one. With the Version 2 being the improved sequel, it would definitely be our choice to go for. It offers 1080p recording so you can get a clearer look at the faces of criminals if they try to break into your front door and it has removable battery pack to make charging a lot easier.

The first-generation model settles for 720p video recording and when it's time to recharge, which in our experience only took just over a week. If it's wired into to a mains-system though, you don't need to worry about recharging at all.

All have similarities, they all have a 180-degree motion detection range and a 160-degree field of view. When either detects motion, they send a notification to your smartphone which you can then open and view a live stream. Both will also only ring like a regular doorbell through the app.

Unless of course, you get the RVD2 with Chime Pro. The Chime Pro plugs into any socket and acts not only as a chime for the doorbell, so it makes a sound whenever the bell is pressed, but it's a Wi-Fi extender too. This means if your network router is quite far away from the Ring Doorbell, it can create a stronger connection. 

These deals might not last long, so you'd better take advantage of Black Friday sales while you get the chance.