The most bonkers smart products that you don't need or do you?

Come with us as we journey through a world of smart technology that nobody needs or do they? (image credit: WAIR 2016)
How about a toilet that automatically opens and closes, heats the seat for you and even has a built-in scent system to keep it smelling nice? (image credit: TOTO)
A smart tortilla maker which uses pods to create tortillas in seconds. Home baking at its most convenient. (image credit: FLATEV)
Hidrate Spark is a smart water bottle that's designed to light up to remind you to drink. Useful if you forget to hydrate. (image credit: 2017 Hidrate Inc.)
Here's a smart fork that's sole purpose is to track your eating habits and help you slow down for better digestion. (image credit: HAPILABS)
A DNA testing kit for your cat. Great for finding out about any potential diseases or health issues your feline might be prone to. (image credit: basepaws)
Laundry is an utter chore but the Foldimate can help relieve the misery by folding your clean clothes for you. (image credit: foldimate)
The Frubo interactive camera lets you talk to your dog when away from home and even fire off some treats to keep them entertained. (image credit: FURBO)
An intelligent oven that you can control from your smartphone. Because everything is better with an app. (image credit: 2017 JUNE LIFE INC.)
A smart brush that even offers a live feed of the inside of your mouth while you brush. Delightful. (image credit: ONVI LLC.)
This is a smart egg tray which notifies you via your phone when you're running low on eggs. Perfect for the omelette enthusiast. (image credit: Quirky)
Willow is a hands-free breast pump device that's wearable and apparently doesn't get in the way of everyday life. (image credit: Willow)
Parrot Pot is a smart plant pot that's built to help you keep your house plants alive more easily. (image credit: Parrot)
You've heard of foot massagers and back massagers, but what about eye massagers? A relaxing rub down for you eyeballs after a hard day. (image credit: OSITO)
Oombrella not only lets you know when it's raining but crowd sources that data with other Oombrella users too. Accurate weather info from your umbrella? (image credit: OOMBRELLA)
A bin that lets you know when it needs emptying, in case you're too lazy to just look with your eyes. (image credit: BRUNO)
The Dring Smartcane helps the elderly stay safe by sending alerts if the cane detects a fall. (image credit: DRING)
A smart toaster which lets you know when your toast is ready with a notification on your smartphone. (image credit: GRIFFIN TECHNOLOGY)
This smart mirror does much more than your average mirror, with smart alerts including the weather and updates from other connected devices around the home. (image credit: GRIFFIN TECHNOLOGY)
Another smart toothbrush, this time with AI to tell you how to improve your brushing technique. (image credit: KOLIBREE)
These are shoes that are designed to help you "feel" the virtual reality world whole you play. Giving the sensation of sand, snow and more in your feet. (image credit: CEREVO INC)
Normal toast is so boring. With this toaster you can custom-print images on your toast to jazz things up a bit. (image credit: TOASTEROID)
For gamers and Razer fans, this toaster might be perfect. RGB lighting and the promise of the Razer logo toasted on your bread too. What more could you want? (image credit: Razer)
42tea smart tea assistant promises to help you brew the perfect cup of tea just the way you like it every time you fancy a cup. (image credit: 42TEA)