(Pocket-lint) - Wiser is a completely new brand from British heating company Drayton, which itself is part of Schneider Electric. The new Wiser system has been designed to make controlling the radiators in your home easy, with the overall goal to save you money.

The system comprises a main thermostat, radiator thermostats that replace the standard radiator valves, a heat hub which is the link between the thermostat and your boiler, and the app.

Changing the valves over is quick and easy; simply unscrew the valves already on your radiators and screw the Wiser valves on, with no need to bleed the radiator first.

With the Wiser radiator valves installed, you can set heating zones around your home, and control each one independently via the companion app for iOS and Android.


There is also a boost turn button the valves, that will either increase or decrease the temperature of that particularly radiator by two-degrees for the following hour. Wiser says you can heat up to 16 rooms independently, with a maximum of five devices in each room and 32 devices in total.

The app has various settings to adjust the heating, including a holiday mode, day-to-day and hourly planning for each room in the house. Wiser says users can expect to save up to 20 percent by being able to heat rooms independently, as and when it's needed.

The Wiser system is compatible with Amazon Echo too, so you will be able to ask Alexa to change the temperature by X number of degrees.

Wiser will be available from September from a range of stockists, including ScrewFix, B&Q, Wickes as either separate components or in various kits:

  • WISER Thermostat Kit 1 (Heating) RRP £139.99
  • WISER Thermostat Kit 2 (Heating & Hot Water) RRP £149.99
  • WISER Thermostat Kit 3 (Multi channel heating & hot water) RRP £219.99
  • WISER Multi-zone Kit 1 (Heating) RRP £219.99
  • WISER Multi-zone Kit 2 (Heating & Hot Water) RRP £229.99
  • WISER Room Thermostat RRP £79.99
  • WISER Radiator Thermostat RRP £44.99

More information, such as which thermostat is best suited for your home, can be found on Wiser's website.

Writing by Max Langridge.