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(Pocket-lint) - Everyone's favourite Swedish furniture store IKEA is now offering a solar battery storage solution, alongside its current range of solar panels, thanks to a partnership with Solarcentury.

The battery storage can effectively double the amount of usable electricity you receive from your solar panels fitted to the roof of your home.
IKEA says that the average home uses about 40 per cent of the electricity generated from solar panels, with the remaining 60 per cent being sent back to the grid. This means it will take longer to reap the financial benefits of having solar panels installed.

IKEAIkea Will Now Let You Store Your Solar Energy So None Of It Goes To Waste image 2

The solar battery storage solution, provided by LG Chem, holds on to the unused electricity so it can be used at a later time, meaning the amount of usable electricity increases to around 80 per cent. The Department of Energy and Climate (DECC), says the average UK home has an annual electricity bill of £584.

This can be slashed by up to £560 by having solar panels and a solar battery storage solution fitted.

When buying solar panels and a solar battery storage solution together through IKEA, prices start at £3,000. If you already have solar panels fitted and want to retrofit a storage system, prices start at £5,000.

These prices include a 15 per cent discount for IKEA Family members. You can visit IKEA's website and use a calculator tool to estimate how much a system for your home will cost. 

Writing by Max Langridge.