GE made a cool, multifunctional lamp with built-in Amazon Alexa.

It actually announced the light in December, but now we know it will be called C by GE Sol. It’s part of GE’s C-branded line of smart lights. We also now know that it will cost $199.99 when it starts shipping in September. But, if you preorder it now, you can get it for $160. There's no word yet on UK pricing or availability. We've contacted GE for more details and will let you know.

The Sol is a 60-watt equivalent light. It features a circular LED light and doubles as a hands-free voice assistant and Bluetooth speaker. It can also act like a clock. GE said you can "enable a clock function that puts illumination around the ring where clock hands would go in a traditional clock". And, like most smart lights today, it can be set to use either a warmer or cooler light.

GE has claimed Sol is the first Amazon Alexa-embedded lighting product. If this sort of thing interests you, preorder it now and take advantage of the limited-time, 20-per cent discount.