Bonjour has been designed and made by French company Holi to be a "smart IoT alarm clock that upgrades your morning wake-up routine". There's an AI assistant living inside Bonjour and she's able to monitor your daily activities and working pattern so make suggestions tailored to you.

A lot of what Bonjour does is based on IFTTT, for example, if it's sunny on a Saturday morning, then Bonjour will wake you up. Conversely, if it's raining at the weekend, then it will leave you to sleep.

You can also programme Bonjour to wake you up to one of your Spotify playlists, activate a Philips Hue lighting configuration or wake you up early if traffic to work is particularly heavy. Any command you want to carry out is done by speaking to the clock and then you'll get natural, conversational feedback.

Bonjour can also integrate with your health and fitness apps to suggest further activities. It will know if you haven't reached your workout goal for the day and if it's still sunny outside, it will suggest you go back out. There's a chance some people would find being told what to do by an alarm clock slightly annoying.

The Bonjour smart alarm clock is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter where it has already surpassed its $50,000 funding goal. The project will be funded on 5 December, with shipments expected to take place in June 2017.