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(Pocket-lint) - Now smart home devices can even help us stay one step ahead of nature. The latest is a clothes peg named Peggy from Omo that can detect rain.

The Omo Peggy clips onto a clothesline like any other peg, albeit larger, and uses light, temperature and humidity sensors to detect weather. Since it is Wi-Fi connected it can alert a connected smartphone to when rain is coming so washing need never get caught out again.

The Peggy not only uses its array of local sensors to predict the oncoming of rain but it also taps into the internet's data to find out what's to come. The result should be never worrying about clothes caught out in the rain again, even when you're not at home – presuming you can get back in time.

The knowledge of weather on a larger scale even lets Peggy advise you on when is best to do a load of washing so that it can be dried quickest outside. It can even notify you when the wash load is done and let you know how long drying will take from that moment.

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The Peggy is still in developmental stages right now but it is thought to cost in the tens of pounds when it arrives. You can register your interest at the Omo link below to be first to get your hands on a Peggy.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.