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(Pocket-lint) - When it comes to appliances, there aren't many exciting features that warrant their own story. That is, unless the words "party mode" appear, then we enter an entirely different realm of excitement.

Thankfully, we may never have to endure a luke warm white wine again because Whirlpool has an app for that. Yes really.

The company's smart refrigerator connects to an app called 6th Sense Live and it's your ultimate party companion. The "Party Mode Smart" feature automatically calculates how long it will take for your drinks to reach the optimum drinking temperature.

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You can add a variety of drinks and the app will alert you when each is ready, as well as offer a countdown timer so you'll never forget about that bottle of champagne in the freezer again.

You can choose between beer, soft drinks or wine, followed by the type of container it is in such as a 330ml can or a 750ml glass bottle.

For future party reference, a bottle of wine takes 25 minutes to chill, a bottle of beer takes 30 minutes and a can of Coke is 34 minutes. You now have absolutely no excuse for serving anyone a warm bottle of beer. Ever.

We are still waiting on pricing and availability details for the Whirlpool 6th Sense Live range of smart appliances but you can try the demo mode on the app, available for Android and iOS, to see what else there is or test the Party Mode Smart yourself. You can also read more about the 6th Sense Live range and the other app features in our separate story here.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.