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(Pocket-lint) - Appliances used to be pretty boring. Let's face it, a white box that washes clothes and a black box that cooks food is not exactly ground breaking, even if it once was. Luckily though, the white goods world has picked up its pace of late.

Whirlpool revealed a concept behind closed doors at IFA 2015 called SmartCook, which has now come to the real world in the form of an induction hob range. SmartCook essentially provides any person with the ability to cook a perfect meal every time by offering step-by-step assistance along the way.

The induction hobs feature two touchscreens on either side of the temperature control bar. The right-hand touchscreen allows you to select Assisted Cooking from the menu, after which you can select what your cooking, how you want to cook it and provide other information such as the oil you plan to use or the thickness of your meat for example.

The SmartCook hobs use the company's 6th Sense technology to monitor and control temperature according to the information you have provided it with, adjusting everything accordingly for optimum results. You can place any pan anywhere on the hob, which isn't a new feature in the world of induction hobs as most are now zoneless, but it is still a useful feature. Up to eight different-sized pans can be used simultaneously, all running different programmes and different temperatures. Want to fry a fillet of salmon, boil some potatoes, simmer some broccoli and melt some chocolate all at the same time and get assistance in each? No problem.

There are up to 40 cooking programmes available on the SmartCook hobs and the food categories include meat, fish and vegetables, while the cooking methods include boiling, melting, grilling, frying, simmering and warming.

The touchscreen guides you through the process of cooking whatever you have selected so there is absolutely no excuse for burning a steak or anything else for that matter. The Whirlpool SmartCook range ultimately allows anyone to have a dinner party, even if cooking really isn't your strong point.

Prices and availability has yet to be detailed but it is heading our way so if you're looking to unleash your inner cook, watch out for more information.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.