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(Pocket-lint) - You'll soon be able to brew beer from your favourite breweries from around the world at home thanks to a new invention called the Pico Brew.

The counter top device is a fully automated brewing appliance that is able to brew batches of 5-litre kegs in about 2 hours making it as simple as cooking a loaf of bread in a bread maker.

The key to its simplicity according to the company, is that everything you need to get started comes pre-packed in an "ingredient module" called a PicoPak that slots into the machine like you would a printer cartridge in a printer.

You then choose how you want to customise the brew by controlling the intensity for example, and press the start button. Come 2 hours later all that's left to do is leave it for about a week before you get to drink your beer.

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Where the company is hoping to succeed is the depth and breath of the beer available. It has teamed up with a number of breweries to allow you to brew from their recipe in your home.

pico brew a home brewing machine that makes beer making as easy as baking a loaf of bread image 6

The Wi-Fi enabled device can either download new recipe as more breweries come on board, or help you create your own craft beer which you can then order online through the company, and sell to other owners of the Pico Brew machine.

So far over 80 craft breweries have signed up, and over 350 homebrewers offer their take on the humble pint giving you plenty of choice when it comes to choosing what to drink.

The Pico Brew will cost around $450 when it comes out in the next couple of months with the PicoPaks costing between $15-$30 each. Put into perspective that's a saving of around $10-$20 for each 5-litre keg (around 10 pints) if you exclude the cost of the machine.

According to the company behind the machine, that already sells a bigger version of the appliance, the machine can make pretty much any beer from lagers, to ambers, to IPAs, to stouts.

Our tasting of an IPA at CES was lovely.

Writing by Stuart Miles.