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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he plans to create a home artificial intelligence system.

Zuck made the announcement on Facebook, of course, where he said the home AI is going to be a bit like Iron's Man's Jarvis. Apart from letting slip he thinks of himself as Iron Man this also reveals Zuckerberg is pushing in new directions that could help advance artificial intelligence.

It's clear from the statement that Zuckerberg is doing this as a personal project at home, separate to running Facebook and Internet.org. But this is hardly a coder tinkering at home, he has huge resources at his fingertips. The result could mean advances in AI that aren't just in a lab but that could actually help to create smarthomes of the future sooner than we think.

From what's been said so far this system will work specifically with Zuckerberg's home setup. The goal is to have outdoor cameras recognise faces and unlock the door for those allowed access when they ring the bell. Internally voice controls for music, lights, temperature and more are planned. It'll watch his child and let him know if he needs to go in the room. It'll also help visualise, in VR, to help with work. This will be using Oculus according to one response to comments on the statement.

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When asked if the AI will use Microsoft HoloLens Zuckerberg responded by saying, "No, it'll use Oculus, our VR platform," confirming it'll be more than just a voice controlled AI.

Other telling comments include:

"The reason I'm building this just for myself is that the technology in every home is different, so it'll be much easier for me to start just building this for mine that building a general product that works for everyone."

"I'm still deciding between using the FB environment and AWS. The FB environment gets me access to all of the great stuff the Facebook AI research team has worked on, so I'll probably do that."

"In this case it means I'll be able to interact with it like a person: I'll talk to it, it can see me and my facial expressions, it'll be able to predict some of what I need ahead of time, etc."

Expect big things for AI in 2016.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.